About Rinceoirí

Rinceoirí je nejstarší klub irských tanců v České republice. Vznikl v roce 1997 a od té doby se věnuje šíření irské taneční kultury. Samotný název skupiny v překladu z irštiny znamená „tanečníci“.


Throughout its existence, the group has performed in theatres, at festivals and during other cultural events in the Czech Republic as well as in other European countries. Its choreographies could have been seen for example in the Prague Congress Centre, the Tesla Arena in Prague (during the 10th anniversary of Irish dancing in the Czech Republic and the Crazy Day project) or at the Trafalgar Square (during the celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day). Rinceoirí dancers even made it to the finals of a television talent show and, in 2010, won the Dance Group of the Year competition in their category. In 2013, the group was awarded with the CIBCA Cultural Oscar for its contribution to raising awareness of the Irish culture in the Czech Republic.


Rinceoirí also created several independent all-evening dance shows, which belong among its greatest successes. The first one was called Dancing Dream (formerly Swan Legend) and was performed in a number of cities and towns all around the Czech Republic between 2008 and 2013. In 2013, Rinceoirí introduced its second show called 7 Reasons to Dance, which audiences could enjoy until 2016. At present, the group collaborates with Shannon, a Czech Irish music band, on the Rinceoirí & Shannon Evening show.


Since 2004, Rinceoirí has run the Rinceoirí Irish Dance Academy (RIDA), an Irish dancing school for both children and adults based in Prague. The school currently has around one hundred students, who are divided into individual courses according to their level of skills. RIDA and Rinceoirí dancers participate in international competitions under the McGahan Lees Academy and regularly finish in top places. Since 2010, RIDA dancers have been participating in world championships with both solo and team dances. In 2014 and 2019, a team of eight dancers from Rinceoirí became European champions in the Senior Ladies Ceilí category. And since 2009, Rinceoirí has been organising an international Irish dancing competition called the Prague Feis and held annually at the end of May.


Klára Babiánková, Kristýna Bundilová, Šárka Coufalová,

 Veronika Čelikovská, Marie Gavláková, Natálie Jarošová,

Pavlína Knobová, Tereza Šmejkalová, Kateřina Srbová, 

Michaela Srbová, Marie Viktorinová